let the missus sort your marketing.

We deliver creative consultancy from the logo up. With over 10 years’ experience in making creative decisions that affect business outcomes, you should talk to The Missus about how your brand can achieve new levels of impact.

Birdsoup Website Mock-Up

passion for design + obsession with copy.

how you present yourself in business will – more often than not – determine the outcome. we’re not talking formalwear here; The Missus doesn’t mind what threads you’re sporting, as long as your branding materials are looking and sounding on point.

what’s happenin’?

got a little creative brief you need taken care of? trust the missus to get the job done…


trust The Missus when she says, “it’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it.”

for copy that demands attention and gets results, click. this. button.  


hey good lookin’. The Missus has a real thing for graphic design that fits the brand like a glove, and has flexibility across all marketing touchpoints. want to see what we’re talking about? 


here’s the thing; we build websites that focus on ease of function – for your audience, and you updating it – but we just don’t sleep unless it looks and sounds killer too.


There are a lot of agencies offering digital marketing in Norwich. But unlike the hordes of marketing agencies in this area, we believe The Missus is showing you a lil’ something special. We have the skills to pay the bills – the abilities to pay the utilities – and we offer practical execution of all our services. In today’s marketing landscape, being a Jack of all trades is a good thing; businesses need agile marketers who can maximise budget by taking on the practical tasks too. Our marketing consultancy doesn’t just stretch to talking the talk; we walk the walk too. See our portfolios above for the wide range of work we’ve turned our hand to.

Occassionally, products, styles and trends come out of nowhere. What would your marketing strategy have been for the humble avocado Avocado on Apple iOS 11.3 before it became ubiquitous with noughties clean-eating and wellness? Sometimes trends emerge, and you adjust your marketing mix to follow suit, but the rest of the time… it’s about gut instinct. There’s no analytical justification for intuition, just years of experience in the creative industries. The Missus has spent 14 years marketing to businesses and consumers in various guises, including extensive traditional media like editorial for print and radio advertising.

That’s exactly what sets us apart from other Norfolk digital marketers; we get the data, we can crunch the numbers, we can predict ROI, but we’ve also got the experience to just know when something is gonna work.