freelance editorial when you need it most

With all exploits editorial in nature, they tend to come with a deadline. we know how that feels; we’ve felt the searing heat of many over the years, which is how we can turn it on just when you need it.

Freelance Editorial.

This is a familiar tale for any editor; you’re minutes from deadline and you have a glaring gap in your proposed output. You need to fill it, and your team are spent. 

Perhaps you’re an editor who’s staring longingly at a sabbatical, a sub inching closer to maternity leave and you need an experienced wordsmith to take the reigns for a while. 

The Missus is used to researching at speed, cutting down copy with complete objectivity and sharpening the message so it can be digested from a quick glance at the newsrack or short flick through the opening pages.

We also have extensive experience in the specialisms of music journalism and food journalism, having interviewed and critiqued big hitters in both disciplines. We have covered festivals, gigs, restaurants – you name it – for print, radio and online channels. 

the role of the sub editor. 

A sub’s job has largely changed, not least because of the platform they’re copy editing for. In terms of sub editing a newspaper or magazine, the sub was responsible for coming up with the best puns* to stand out across the crowded racks of dailies and, believe it or not, fact checking the copy. 

Nowadays, it’s evolved; being a sub editor or copyediting for online media has its own challenges; with news breaking faster than ever thanks to the rapid Twitterfire of information, a sub’s job will go hand in hand with the SEO analysts to make sure that your story is found – and found first. 

*the winner goes to the Sun for their footie punditry in the form of “Super Cally goes ballistic, QPR atrocious”

the pudding is in the proof.  

Looking for proofreading services? You’ve come to the right place. Proofreading can elevate the standard of a piece from average to excellent. The truth is, it’s not just the pickiest of us that judge copy by its diligence towards spelling, punctuation and grammar. It may be the pickiest of us that mention it, but there will be swathes of others who are silently judging. They might not even be consciously aware of the mistakes, but just know by gut instinct that the attention to detail has been missed. 

So whether it’s a business pitch that you can’t afford to invite the wrong impressions from, or your self-published novella that needs an objective eye to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s – The Missus will keep you in check.